CBD Honey Sticks

WE R CBD Original Honey / Box of 10 CBD Honey Sticks - Full Spectrum
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CBD Honey Sticks - Full Spectrum


Our CBD Honey Sticks are sticks of honey that have been infused with 10mg of Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Not only do you receive the known benefits of h...

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from $14.99

CBD Honey Sticks are small sticks of honey that have been infused with Full Spectrum CBD Oil, so you can enjoy the combined benefits of honey and CBD in one delicious package. While pure honey contains beneficial enzymes and nutrients, and offer antioxidants and antibiotic effects, CBD Honey offers therapeutic benefits such as alleviating chronic pain, inflammation, and more, without the mind-altering psychoactive effect of THC. Thus, an all-natural mixture of these two substances will help relieve you of several ailments and keep you healthy.

CBD Honey Sticks are a tasty snack that provide you with your needed CBD dosage on-the-go, and in a delicious way too. However, to enjoy the benefits of CBD Honey Sticks, you must make sure you buy quality sticks made from all-natural ingredients and pure CBD, as well as take note of the dosage of each stick.

While other honey sticks are made with substitute honey, impure CBD, and artificial flavoring, WE R CBD delicious honey sticks are a blend of original honey, Full Spectrum CBD, and all natural flavoring. They are available in a variety of flavors and can be used in your tea, as a substitute for refined sugar. 

At WE R CBD, we offer quality, tasty CBD Honey sticks that provides all the benefits associated with CBD Oil. This is because the CBD infused with the natural honey to make the honey sticks, undergo a professional extraction process and is tested to ensure that it is 100% pure CBD.

Our Honey Sticks provides CBD benefits like chronic pain relief, anti-inflammation, sleep promotion, and more. You can treat yourself to WE R CBD honey sticks at any time and anywhere, including during a workout, while relaxing on the beach, during stressful situations at work, or just before you go to bed. Order a pack of CBD Honey Sticks from WE R CBD today, and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly, anywhere nationwide.