CBD Vape Pen Kit

Why is a CBD Vape Pen Kit Perfect for Vapers of All Levels to Use?

Do you enjoy the unique experience of vaping CBD daily?  If so, it’s time to introduce you to the CBD Vape Pen Kit that’s available here at We R CBD.  Now we know what you’re thinking – that vape pen kit looks quite familiar, doesn’t it?  Well, as you’ll discover, this vaping system doesn’t just take inspiration from a popular vaping device that’s taken over the market, but it ensures that you have one of the most pleasurable hemp experiences possible.

What the CBD Vape Pen Kit Has to Offer

The CBD Vape Pen Kit at WE R CBD is inspired by the popular JUUL system, and no, it’s not a gimmick.  This vaping kit was designed to be one of the most portable and user-friendly options that a hemp enthusiast could ever ask for.  For one thing, it’s unbelievably portable.  It’s remarkably slim and very lightweight.  Additionally, it couldn’t be easier to operate.  It consists solely of the battery component and the pod cartridge which has already been filled with e-liquid for your convenience.  This means no more fiddling with battery connections, making messes trying to refill your cartridges or having to take everything apart to clean it on a weekly basis.  Simply snap your pod cartridge into the battery and you’re good to go!

This kit comes with a 0.8ml pod cartridge that contains hemp-infused e-juice.  You can choose from five mouthwatering flavors: tangerine, mango, passion fruit, strawberry lemonade and starburst.  The hardest thing about using this kit is choosing between each of the intoxicating flavor options!

Of course, like all of the products that we sell, this kit uses high-quality hemp extract that has been carefully tested by a third party for quality and purity.  And, the vape pen was specially designed to be reliable and consistent in terms of its performance. 

How to Use the CBD Vape Pen Kit for a Satisfying and Simplified Hemp Experience

When you receive your CBD Vape Pen Kit, you’ll need to charge the mod first.  When the mod has reached a full charge, the LED light on the front will turn green, which means that it’s ready to be used.  From there, you can attach the pod cartridge to the mod.  It will click in place when it’s properly secured.

The LED light will turn red when your battery is dying, so make sure that you stay on top of the battery life so that you can always maintain a charge.  When the e-liquid in the pod runs out, all that you need to do is purchase a new one to replace it with.  These pod cartridges can be thrown out when they no longer contain any vape juice.

Why the CBD Vape Pen Kit is Great for Vapers of All Levels

Now, you can’t deny that this is one of the most user-friendly vaping systems on the CBD market today.  While that makes it ideal for beginners, it’s also great for experienced vapers as well.  When we vape CBD, we’re primarily interested in taking in the right dose of hemp with each vaping session.  We don’t want to have to constantly adjust settings and replace parts in order to continue our daily hemp routine.  This kit is perfect because it takes the hassle out of vaping CBD. 

Another great thing about this vaping kit is that its components can be used interchangeably with a standard JUUL system.  This means that you can stop carrying around two separate devices each day in order to enjoy your CBD vapes and regular vapes.  Instead, you can just alternate between pods as needed.  Talk about saving space in your pocket, glove compartment or purse!

Grab this Device Today and Be Well on Your Way to Savoring Some Exceptional CBD

If you’re looking for a new way to vape your favorite plant compounds, look no further than the CBD Vape Pen Kit from We R CBD.  This phenomenal vaping system is sleek, stylish, convenient, pocket-friendly, easy to maintain and more than capable of giving you the hemp experience that you desire and deserve.

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