Cooking with CBD Oil

Do’s and Don’ts When Cooking with CBD

If you’re a CBD enthusiast who also has a love for the culinary arts, why not combine your hobbies? More people are discovering that cooking with CBD is a great way to enjoy their beloved hemp while also expressing their culinary creativity. And, thanks to the way in which technology has evolved, cooking with CBD oil is easier than ever before.

If you’re interested in getting in on this trend, it’s important that you go about things in the right manner. Cooking with CBD is a bit of a science, requiring that you follow the rules in order to be happy with your finished product. Good news is that we’ve made it easy for you.


#1: Go with the Highest Quality CBD Oil You Can Find

The first and most important thing has to do with the quality of the CBD oil. When buying CBD oil to cook with, you have to make sure that it’s as high in quality as possible. CBD that’s low in quality won’t only disappoint you, but it will be far less chemically stable, meaning that it will be more prone to breaking down during the cooking process. This means a far less potent product that will be unremarkable.

#2: Opt for Decarboxylated CBD

Decarboxylated CBD is CBD that has already been applied to a very specific amount of heat so that the chemical compounds become activated. When we heat cannabis, we activate desirable compounds so that they’re far more bioavailable. This is why when we smoke cannabis, we apply fire to it. Decarboxylated CBD is better to cook with because you don’t have to worry about trying to activate those compounds. The work has already been done for you, which means that you’re just cooking your recipe like you would anything else.

#3: Know Your Hemp Math Formulas

Now, let’s talk about dosage. Remember that the total amount of CBD oil you add to your recipe will be divided up into a certain number of portions. So, do the math to make sure that you’re adding the right amount of CBD to your recipe so that each portion gets the desired dose of hemp.

#4: Keep the Heat Level Below 356 Degrees Fahrenheit

Once CBD surpasses 356 degrees Fahrenheit, its chemical compounds begin to evaporate, greatly decreasing the potency of the hemp. That’s why the temperature at which you cook your recipe must be below this level. If you’re cooking in an oven, this is easy to control. If you’re cooking on a stove, try using a meat thermometer to make sure that the food never exceeds this temperature.

#5: Stick with a Recipe You Know

We suggest sticking with a recipe that you’re already comfortable with, such as your favorite brownie recipe. Simply replace some of the fat, whether it be butter or oil, with the same amount of CBD oil.

#6: Consider Making it Profitable

If you start getting really good at making CBD edibles, why not consider turning it into a business venture? CBD edibles are in high demand these days, and people love buying locally. In order to sell your CBD goodies legally, you’ll need to get a number of permits, so bear this in mind before offering your products on the market.


#1: Don’t Make Too Much at One Time

We don’t recommend making enormous batches of CBD edible products unless you plan on giving some away. That’s because when you make your own edible, it’s going to go bad within a few days, more than likely. In other words, don’t make more than you can consume.

#2: Don’t Give Your Loved Ones CBD Goodies Without Telling Them

Of course, it’s never a good idea to give your friends and family CBD edibles without telling them that there’s CBD in the product. CBD is nontoxic, but still, they deserve to know that they’re consuming hemp.

#3: Don’t Use CBD Products That Contain Inedible Ingredients

It’s important that you stick with pure CBD oil or a CBD oil that contains an ingestible carrier oil such as hempseed oil or coconut oil. Some CBD products contain ingredients that are not intended for digestive consumption, so avoid adding these products to your recipe.

#4: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

If you’re going to start cooking with CBD as a new hobby, why not get as creative as possible? Rather than sticking to just one recipe, explore what’s possible. You can make CBD salad dressings, cookies, meat marinades and more. A good idea is looking online for forums where other hemp enthusiasts share their recipes. This can help you expand your repertoire.

Culinary CBD at Its Finest

As you can see, cooking with CBD can be a greatly rewarding experience as long as you follow the rules properly. The rules above will ensure that you’re well on your way to becoming a CBD cooking master. Just make sure that you choose high-quality CBD and take your time to avoid making mistakes.


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